Whitney Houston- I Will Always Love You

Well I was watching the X-Factor and saw a young lady try to sing I will always love you by Whitney. I could not wait to hear her. Although she was good, she did not even get close to Whitney. It just brought tears to my eyes to know that such a beautiful person, with a breath taking voice has left us. So I will say to Whitney,”RIP Whitney Houston, You will always be remember and miss.


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I am a reader, writer, outgoing, and explorer. I like to do and learn new things, sometime to much at one time. I have a story to tell, it will just take me some time to get it together and put my thoughts on paper sort of speaking. I have a lot on my mine, it just takes time for me to put my thoughts together. So sit back and relax, I have a story to tell. It could be something you heard about before or something you never heard before. Some will like it, some will not. What ever the case, I have a story to tell. Mz. Pawality
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4 Responses to Whitney Houston- I Will Always Love You

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  3. natella111 says:

    This made me shed a tear. Her voice… she’s just so beautiful! I will always love her! šŸ™‚

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