Chicago: Another Artist lost to the shooting of the streets in Chicago

Tavache Kizer was a man, brother, father, cousin, and uncle taken/gone too soon because of senseless shooting in Chicago Area.  While returning to his old neighbor to get his friend to work on his car, his life was taken, all he wanted was for his car to get fix.  Tavache was in the process of making a video about our young youth and how they are being gunned down in the Chicago Streets.  He was trying to spread the word to save our young kids and the very kids he was trying to save are the same ones that took his life. No one has been arrested for this crime.

I don’t know why people can not find something constructive to say. It is always a negative comments on how they thing this person lived, because unless you walked in his shoes you really can not say.  It does not matter his occupation, he did not deserve for anyone to take his life.
I have come to use the terms: This world is off it rockets, where will it land.

Click on link below to read more on Tavache Kizer aka Trife, RIP young man


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