SouljaBoy Tellem: Look At Me Now

DeAndre Way


Souljaboy: Going To Jail
The once famous artist Souljaboytellem aka DeAndre Cortez Way (born July 28, 1990), is headed to jail. He has gotten into trouble before and always seem to escape the present of jail.

As usually driving, having fun, and hanging out with his friends, he runs a red light and gets pulled over by the police. This all took place on February 15, 2014. He took to twitter to announce this devastating news to his friends. He post, “5 more days until I go to jail. Appreciate everyone who was there for me while I needed y’all.”

This all took place in January when Souljaboy was pulled over for running a stop sign. They say the gun was in plan site and it was loaded. Souljaboy claims his neighbor put the gun in his car and he was not aware of it. If this is true then how come his neighbor didn’t stand up for him. Out of all the trouble he has caused and all the crap he’s been in, he going to jail for a loaded gun found in his possession.

In a recent interview he said, “It’s just being young and being successful, He felt that if he was not famous he would not have gotten the attention and it would not be in the media. If that’s the case, how come you did not complaint when the media was in your face helping you become famous, you didn’t care then. He goes on to say that him and Bieber are just chilling, whatever that means.

He then goes to say that ”All my fans that’s been rocking with me through everything I salute to y’all and appreciate the support. One of his biggest fan IllyDaKing said in an interview, “I am young so I understand what Souljaboy is going through. It’s hard to be out in society and have the media in your life all the time watching your every more. I don’t agree with everything Souljaboy does but I understand him. They want us to act our age but if you watch TV,you see that grownups act just as crazy as we do. How can you teach us something you have not taught yourselves?

IllyDaKing is known for songs such as Feel Like feat Kenyia She’re, Got It all being promoted on Vevo and his upcoming song: Fire feat Rihanna & Lil Wayne on YouTube: . Souljaboy and Illy Da King met in Atlanta when Souljaboy was in the shop getting his hair trimmed. He knows that everyone don’t approve of Souljaboy but Souljaboy is helping him with his career.

Souljaboy is facing up to 2 years in jail alone with the fact that his career was already going down. What will this do for him and how will it affect him once he return to society. Well Souljaboy has two more days to hang out with his friends and biggest fan Illy Da King before he has to turn himself in.

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