Loosing Weights & Being Healthy

Jennifer Jj SmithJJ Smith I have been searching the web for years on ways to loose weight. Most of the books I encounter either cost to much and just did not give me the information I needed. I have paid for a lot of books that were just blah, blah, blah but never lead you in the right direction. I recently was invited to a facebook page by one of my facebook friends and so I took the leap.

That leap has landed me on a facebook page belonging to and ran my a young lady name Jennifer Smith. I now know that she has travel all over and has numerous books out. The one that caught my attention was the 10 Day Cleanse, Lose Up To 15lbs in 10 Days. The title caught my eye. I was drawn to this lady for some reason. I have never met her but (will love to meet Jennifer one day) but yet still I am putting my all in her. I believe in her and what she is saying. I am on her page looking at all of the other ladies that are on her Facebook page talking about how they have started, How much weight they lost and it just got my attention to want more. Some have already started or is about to start as am I on Monday (2/23/2014). Not only are women of all ages starting this program but men are too. Most of the women about to start the cleanse on Monday is talking about how their husband is also joining them. This is how amazing her program is.

It is now one of the hottest topic on Facebook. People are not only trying to get in shape but they want to be healthy too and that is what Jennifer has pushed for. I now go on this site everyday and everyone is encouraging to one another. Don’t take my word for it, it only takes a minute, go check it out.

You Have Got To Join Jennifer on Facebook, best Thing You Will Do This Year. Click link below to follow her on Facebook


You may ask why is she so different then all the others. I will say to you first off, her price is reasonable and that is why I brought the book in the first place. Everyone is excited about this new weight lost program (yes it is a weight lost program not a diet) although you will be juicy or blending your food. What is also so special about Jennifer, not only do she gives you your shopping list, she breaks it down so that you will be able to go purchase everything you need. Now at this point, I usually have all of my stuff and I ask, now what. Wow, Jennifer has answered my questions. She has broken each day down with what you need to blend and add to the blender/juicer, she even lets you know what side effect you will have while cleansing your body of the toxin we have in our body.

I have to say this is the most detailed information I have gotten out of any book, website or videos on How to loose weight. By the way did I mention that it only took me 1 days and I knew I wanted to buy the book and that is just what I did.

Once you join her on Facebook, take the time to watch/follow her on YouTube.

Mz. Pawality


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I am a reader, writer, outgoing, and explorer. I like to do and learn new things, sometime to much at one time. I have a story to tell, it will just take me some time to get it together and put my thoughts on paper sort of speaking. I have a lot on my mine, it just takes time for me to put my thoughts together. So sit back and relax, I have a story to tell. It could be something you heard about before or something you never heard before. Some will like it, some will not. What ever the case, I have a story to tell. Mz. Pawality
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