Living Life, One Day At A time

by Mz. Pawality

What does it really mean to us. Is it changing or are we changing? We try to teach our kids right from wrong but do we as parent really know what that means. Be honest with yourself, what is the one thing that sends you spiring out of control? What makes you hate another person?  How can we voice our opinion civilize and not let hate take over us/

There is a lot of things I like and dislike but the way I handle it is what’s important. How can you try to teach your child something you as an adult can’t control yet. I don’t always understand people no matter what the race is. I know that I am not liked by everyone but that’s OK, its just how the world is now a days. People look at you one way or another because of what another person done just because you are the same race as they are.

Have you ever just sit back and watched a person, hear there story and wonder how that could be. Well, read my story and give comments. Be careful with how you respond, you just may hurt someone feeling or do you really care.

I grew up in the projects back in the 60s and 70s. I saw shooting, killings, fights, and things some people have only see on TV. I am a grown woman and now that I think about how my mother died when I was just 14 years old, let me change that, my mother was murder when i was just 14 years old.

We lived in a high-rise building on the 10th floor. I always wonder how come high-rises in the ghetto is called projects but high-rises in the upper neighborhoods are called by their names. Anyway my mom was out on the porch one day looking over the porch rails. For the most part, we have an awesome view of downtown Chicago. We could see the fireworks from Wriggle field at night. Once the fireworks started we would go outside on the porch to see the excitement. Sorry I keep wondering off but you know how that is, you are working on one thing when another one comes up.

As I said my mother was looking out over the porch when all of a sudden something hit her in the head. She had a large cut on her head and had to be rush to the hospital. We did not think much of it, we assume she would get stitches and return home. At that time my dad was not living with us, as some men do, he left my mom for another woman. Well my mom had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. She had bleeding on the brain, don’t know the technical term they used. Days and Days went by and still our mother was not home. At this time it was about 7 of us living with my mom. My grandmother stay about 5 blocks from us and my aunt-t stayed about 30 miles or less at the time. Well one day I felt asleep on the couch when my mom’s male friend got a call. I can hear him on the phone while I was lying there, don’t know if he knew I was there or just thought I was sleeping. I hear him mention something about my mom passing away, tear came running down my eyes, at that time I was only about 14 years old. Can you image being 14 and loosing your mom. That was very devastating to me. My life will change at that moment. So as I say, should I be judge because I was raise in the projects, high-rises, or what ever others names they wants to call them. Well now there are 14 kids ranging in ages 12 years of age to about 25. My other brothers and sisters were not living with us at the time, I had another brother in jail and one younger sister living down the street with my grandmother. You know that child that always gets pick to raised by her granny.

Now it time to get ready for the funeral. we have lots of support from family, friends, and neighbors. This is the worst day of my life, my heart is broken and  I do not know what to do. I know how it feels to loose someone close to you. We never did find the person that hit my mom in here head but I will like to say that he/she is the cause of her death.

It was a struggle but me and my sisters and brothers are all OK now. I am grown and my life is all set. I live in the south suburbs, a Retail Administrative Assistant at a large family own business and is living my life to the fullest.

Just My Thoughts


About MzPAW_ALITY - PeopleArtistsWorld

I am a reader, writer, outgoing, and explorer. I like to do and learn new things, sometime to much at one time. I have a story to tell, it will just take me some time to get it together and put my thoughts on paper sort of speaking. I have a lot on my mine, it just takes time for me to put my thoughts together. So sit back and relax, I have a story to tell. It could be something you heard about before or something you never heard before. Some will like it, some will not. What ever the case, I have a story to tell. Mz. Pawality
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