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I am a reader, writer, outgoing, and explorer. I like to do and learn new things, sometime to much at one time. I have a story to tell, it will just take me some time to get it together and put my thoughts on paper sort of speaking. I have a lot on my mine, it just takes time for me to put my thoughts together. So sit back and relax, I have a story to tell. It could be something you heard about before or something you never heard before. Some will like it, some will not. What ever the case, I have a story to tell. Mz. Pawality

Cheating In The Next Room

He Cheated On & With Me I have a story to tell. This is about a woman name Anitha who is in love with her high school boy friend Robert.  Keeping a relationship intact while in high school and then through college … Continue reading

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Living Life, One Day At A time by Mz. Pawality What does it really mean to us. Is it changing or are we changing? We try to teach our kids right from wrong but do we as parent really know … Continue reading

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