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Drop Those PoundsBy Mz. Paw_Ality

I have spent the last 10 Days cleansing my body. I can tell you that it is the best thing I have ever did. I did this to prove to myself that it is possible. It was a challenge to me, although I knew that in the end I will loose weight my main goal was to defeat the battle. I needed to prove to myself that I can do this. This is coming from a person that drinks 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day, a Pepsi every once in a while and a  Rockstar energy drink.

I started this journey on Monday February 23. Just before my challenge I went to dinner at Red Lobster with my daughter-in-law and son and had my last solid food from a restaurant. The next day Sunday 2/22, I had a good solid breakfast. This was my last solid food of the day at about 8am Sunday morning. At this point I decided I should take it easy before I start this challenge the next morning, so I ate light for lunch and dinner.

It is now Monday morning and the challenge has began. This is something I did about a year ago. I have since put on about 20 more pounds and need to get my weight under control once again. This time the challenge is harder for me. If you are reading this I need your help. Tell me how you conquer your weight lost. What do you do? What is your method?

I don’t believe in the Jenny Craig diet, or the other diet seem they cook up to get our money with these making money ideals they have out here to try and get more and more money from us.

I believe we can do this by following the list below.

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Watch what you eat by eating more times a day and putting less on your plate.
  3. Walk as much as you can, if you decide to run then do it slowly and moderately. Don’t put stress on your legs, you will pay for it later.
  4. Do weight lifting 3 or 4 times a week. As a woman lift with light and medium weights. As a man lift with heavy weight but not to heavy that you can’t do reps.
  5. If you can start slow and do planks, you will be amaze how it will help
  6. Do sprints by running in place for about 1 minute separated by 20 seconds. Go longer with no more than 30 to 45 seconds breaks in between.
  7. Get as much protein as you can and add more vitamins to your diet.
  8. Doing this will cost you no extra money and you should be able to loose weight if you stick to it.
  9. Now it time to start the whole process over again.
  10. The End

Just My Thoughts

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